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Reporting Animal Cruelty

There are two forms of animal cruelty. Passive cruelty or neglect is caused by lack of action, such as inadequate shelter, starvation, dehydration, and failure to seek needed veterinary care. Active cruelty is an intentional act to harm an animal. Without concerned citizens reporting cruelty in their neighborhoods, most instances of animal abuse would go unnoticed. There is also a strong link between animal cruelty and domestic violence and other serious crimes. Reporting animal cruelty may alert authorities to other crimes being committed. If you are aware of an animal being neglected or abused, please do not hesitate to report it.

Call your local Animal Control to report abuse or neglect occurring within city limits.
Click here for a list of KC metro animal control phone numbers >

If your community does not have an Animal Control call the police or sheriff.

If an animal's life is in immediate danger, call 911.

State Health Departments:
MO Animal Health Department
KS Animal Health Department 785-296-2326

Missouri: Operation Bark Alert. Report suspicious dog breeding facilities

Chain of Hope provides essential items for survival to neglected and abused cats and dogs in the urban core of Kansas City. They also provide education to pet owners, referrals for spay/neutering, adoptions.

Dogs Deserve Better: No dog should live on a chain. Learn what you can do to help a chained dog.