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Fancy's Fund

FancyAt the Humane Society of Greater KC, we value and respect the lives of our senior pets. Many have lived their entire lives in homes only to be rejected and abandoned in their old age. Others have lost their people due to medical reasons, moves into nursing homes, and yes--- even to death. No matter the individual situation, these pets struggle to heal from their loss and adjust to a shelter environment after living all their lives in a home.

By donating to Fancy's Fund, you're helping to provide loving care for our senior dogs and cats and helping to get them adopted into new forever homes. You are telling them that they are important and deserve a second chance and that, even though they don't currently have a home to go to, there are those of us who love them and feel their life has value.

Make your donation today to Fancy's Fund and know that you have helped save the life of a deserving senior pet.

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Fancy was a spirited Akita and longtime resident at HSGKC. She was a favorite of many staff members, volunteers and donors. She loved lounging in the kiddy pool, going for walks, and hanging out with her numerous human friends. She became the HSGKC greeter for new volunteers-- usually the first dog they'd meet during orientation class. She was always a proud, feisty and spunky girl.

Fancy passed away in May 2014, at the age of 14 years. We established the fund in her memory to care for other aging pets who come to our shelter and need special care.


Questions about Fancy's Fund? Email or call Kate Fields at 913-521-2334.