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Are You Feeding Stray Cats?

Our feral cat spay/neuter price is $37.50 and includes distemper and rabies vaccine. No appointment is necessary for one cat, but an appointment is needed if you're bringing in more than one cat at a time. Trapped cats need to arrive by 10am Tuesday - Friday and most Saturdays.

Many people in our community are kind enough to set out food and water for stray or feral cats in their neighborhood. If you are one of these kind souls, we highly encourage you to also have these cats spayed or neutered and vaccinated. Otherwise, what may have began with just feeding a few felines will quickly get out of control. And diseases spread easily between these cats, causing suffering and eventually death.

FIzzIf you are feeding stray or feral cats and would like to have them spayed or neutered and vaccinated, please give us a call at 913-596-1000. We appreciate people who show compassion toward these homeless cats and we'd like to assist by making the care for them as affordable as possible.

For more information about feral cats go to the Alley Cat Allies web site.