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Where Do Our Pets Come From?

The dogs and cats at our shelter are from Wyandotte County or KCK Animal Control. Many were strays, some were surrendered by their guardians, and others were neglect cases. We established the Ray of Hope partnership with KCK Animal Control in 2009, which has saved the lives of thousands of pets.

Animals who end up in shelters are there at no fault of their own. Irresponsible pet guardianship and pet overpopulation are the overwhelming cause for the large number of homeless pets.

Common reasons people give up their pets include: moving, pets not allowed in apartment, can't afford the pet, too many puppies or kittens, behavioral problems due to lack of training, the dog grew too big, and new baby. Stray animals are often times animals who once belonged to someone but that person allowed the animal to roam or abandoned it.

Pets rely on people to care for them for their entire lifetime. Dogs and cats in shelters are no different than those living happy lives in people's homes-- they just need someone to give them love, proper care and a lifetime commitment.