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Before You Adopt a Pet

Bringing a new furry companion into your family is an exciting prospect! But if this is your first pet, or you're considering getting a different breed or type of pet than you've had in the past, we encourage you to do some research first. A successful adoption depends on finding a good match for your lifestyle and desires in a pet.

Are you an active person who would enjoy a dog who needs lots of exercise? Do you have time to train a dog properly, or perhaps would a cat be a better choice? Do you need a pet that's good with children-- at this time or in the future if you plan to have children? Or good with other pets? A puppy or kitten, or an adult pet? Are you willing to make a lifetime commitment to care for a pet? Can you afford to care for a pet?

These are the types of things to consider and research before adopting a pet. The internet, libraries and bookstores have much information on pet care and on specific breeds.

Are you ready for a pet?
We've compiled an outline of some very basic things to consider before you get a pet and tips to keeping them (and you!) happy and healthy. Visit our Pet Care & Behavior page for more information and links to a variety of excellent resources.

1. Choose wisely

2. Treat 'em well

3. Make a lifetime commitment