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Gabriel's Fund

Here at the Humane Society we believe that every pet's life has value. Whether they come to us young or old, friendly or shy, healthy or sick-- they all deserve a good home.

But what happens to a homeless pet when they've been hit by a car and need immediate medical attention? Or what happens to the litter of puppies who are sick with parvo virus and will die without hospitalization?

The Humane Society feels that these pets deserve the same attention and care that any loved pet would receive-- appropriate medical care and loving attention while they recover.

  • ALLIE ALLIE tumor in ear
  • BUNNY BUNNY malnutrition, parvo, pneumonia, distemper
  • GARTH GARTH heartworms
  • FIZZ FIZZ feline panleukopenia virus
  • DELILAH DELILAH broken leg
  • GEORGE GEORGE severe neglect, mange
  • NUBELLA NUBELLA amputation from chain wrapped around leg
  • MR. PANCAKE MR. PANCAKE leg amputation
  • LIZBETH LIZBETH diabetes
  • NELSON NELSON two broken legs
  • ROSEBUD ROSEBUD surgery for luxated femur
  • FALCON FALCON multiple issues from severe neglect
  • O'MALLEY O'MALLEY leg amputation
  • NORMA JEAN NORMA JEAN fractured pelvis
  • POPPY POPPY broken leg
  • PANDA PANDA severe wound from chain wrapped around leg; heartworms
  • ISIS ISIS toxic poisoning
  • ZIGGY ZIGGY eye injury
  • TRINITY TRINITY birth defect; jaw and dental surgery
  • BOLT BOLT parvo virus
  • VAN VAN fractured pelvis, tail amputation
  • PEBBLES PEBBLES heartworms
  • PATRICIA PATRICIA multiple issues from severe neglect

These are just a few of the hundreds of pets saved thanks to donations to Gabriel's Fund!

Though we do have full-time veterinarians on staff at the Humane Society, we do not have the necessary equipment needed to treat these more serious conditions and situations. Most of the animals that come to our facility and need special medical care are taken to a full service veterinary clinic that offers us a generous discount on services. Others, such as dogs who test positive for heartworms, are able to be treated in our clinic but it is very costly. Gabriel's Fund, established in 2004, was created to help these homeless pets receive the same care and attention that you would give to your own pet.

By donating to Gabriel's Fund, you're helping to provide veterinary care to a wonderful animal that is looking for a chance not only to survive but to eventually heal and be given the chance to start a new, healthy life with an adopted family.

Help give them a second chance and show them that even though they don't currently have a home to go to, there are those of us who love them and feel their life has value.

Make your donation today and know that you have helped save the life of a deserving animal.

Make a Donation to Gabriel's Fund

Who is Gabriel? When Gabriel was brought to us he'd been hit by a car and couldn't stand up, but his little tail wouldn't stop wagging. We took him to a veterinary clinic and x-rays showed three broken legs that needed plates. Gabriel was a stray and had no one to pay for this surgery, but we knew we had to help him. Humane society staff and volunteers chipped in to help with the costs. Gabriel made a complete recovery and has been adopted into a loving home. In his honor, we established Gabriel's Fund.

Questions about Gabriel's Fund? Email or call Kate Fields at 913-596-1000 ext. 101.