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Pets of the Week


Enzo is a super cute 9 month old brown tabby kitten. He's very friendly and he loves to play! He's curious and keeps very busy. He gets along great with other cats and kittens.

Enzo has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for FIV and feline leukemia. He's a lot of fun!


Hazel & Holly are two adorable Shepherd/Hound sisters who are looking for a home together. They're both very sweet natured girls and they are truly bonded. They are 8-9 months old. The pups grew up together in a backyard where they weren't getting the care they needed. A kind neighbor watched out for them and gave them shelter and extra food until she was able to get permission to take them.

Both Hazel and Holly are just a tad bit timid, but they warm up very quickly to new people and new situations. They're both affectionate with people and they love to play together. They're much braver when they are together, and look for each other when separated. We've taken them on pack walks and they enjoy being walked. They'd be more comfortable in a home without small kids.

Hazel is the bigger one, and she weighs about 50 lbs now. Smaller sister Holly is actually a bit more confident than her big sister. She weighs about 37 lbs now. They have been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for heartworms. They make a great pair and are happy pups in spite of their upbringing.


Shiloh is a beautiful Husky mix. He's a friendly guy, and he's quite the ham; he knows how handsome he is and he was more than happy to pose for the camera! He's just about 4 years old and weighs 83 lbs. Shiloh is fun and silly and a very physical dog. He loves galloping about in the yard and jumping up in the air, and makes a game out of getting someone to chase him. He likes to roughhouse and he loves to chest bump! He's a good match for someone who likes a dog to wrestle around with and be physical. BE SURE TO WATCH HIS VIDEO!

Shiloh had been severely injured when he was picked up by KCK Animal Control and transferred to us for care. It appeared that he'd been attacked by a dog. His left rear leg was ripped open with a horrible wound. He had many wounds on his head and neck. Our vets were not sure that they'd be able to save his leg because of tendon damage. But Shiloh made an unbelievable recovery! It's truly amazing how he can run and play now after the damage done to that leg.

Shiloh keeps his kennel very clean and is most likely house trained. He is very playful outdoors, but he also has a calm side. He likes to be brushed, and he likes belly rubs, and he will absolutely sit all 83 lbs right on your lap! He's very vocal like most Huskies. He does need a home without dogs or cats. We also don't want to place him in a home with kids. When you first meet Shiloh, he can still be a little sensitive to be touched on his neck and legs, which is understandable given how severely injured he was. But once he gets to know you then he becomes trusting and the fun begins! He needs a home with someone who has dog experience and can handle a large dog with some strength and energy. He's a lot of fun and will be an awesome companion!

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