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Pets of the Week


Angel is a cute brindle and white Pit Bull/American Bulldog mix. She's 2 years old and she weighs 55 lbs. Angel is very sweet-natured and she loves people. She's playful and energetic, but she also calms down nicely with some exercise and she enjoys just hanging with people. She also loves to go for long walks and walks pretty nicely on a leash. She's learning obedience commands and picking it pretty quickly— she's very food motivated!

Angel is choosy about her doggie friends. If you have a dog we'd ask you to make an appointment to bring your dog in to meet Angel to see if they might be compatible. She does need a home without cats.

Angel has been spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for heartworms. She was originally picked up by KCK Animal Control as a stray and she had parvo virus. We transferred her to our shelter so we could hospitalize her and provide her with the veterinary care she needed. She's completely recovered and healthy now!


Martin is a good lookin' orange and white tabby. He's a year old. This guy loves to talk! He knows his name and talks back when you greet him! Martin was originally at KCK Animal Control and he was a stray. He was pretty scared, so we transferred him to our shelter to help him become more trusting and find him a home. Martin has made a LOT of progress. He's still not comfortable being picked up, and he will flinch if you move your hand too quickly towards him— sadly, he acts as though he's been hit. But this guy is also a lot of fun with his love to gab, and he'll continue to blossom in a quiet home with someone who'll be patient with him. Martin likes some but not all cats. He wouldn't be a good match for a home with kids.

Martin has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for FIV and feline leukemia.


James is a very cute tan and white Pit Bull mix. He's a sweet-natured guy and a nice size — he weighs 45 lbs. James is silly and playful and he likes to play with tennis balls. He can be a little shy with some people initially, more so men than women. James gets along with many but not all dogs. He loves playing in the yard with his doggie friends. If you have a dog, we'd ask you to make an appointment to bring your dog in to see if the two could be buddies. A volunteer took James for a hike at a park and he loved it. James can be a bit of a barker, and would not be a good match for apartment living.

James is a year old. He's been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and tested for heartworms. He was brought to us by his person, who said he was moving and couldn't take James. James will be a sweet and fun-loving companion, and what a great smile!

Visit our Pets Available page to see photos of all of our our pets. Please submit an on-line adoption form if you are interested in adopting one of our pets.

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